Friday, October 28, 2005

The Good Manners Ranking Chart

Hi fans and frens of Jax-Ray, I'm back from a long break and here is another interesting yet true blog, from my present work place. My current workplace serves buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as the restaurant I'm working in is located in a hotel, I meet guests and customers from all around the world. Unfortunately, Jax is standing at the buffet line, serving and communicating with the customers. Therefore here comes the topic of my blog today, The "Good Manners" Ranking Chart.

Lets start with Manners Ranking Chart. (Beginning with the bad mannered on top)

1. Mainland Chinese
People from the Mainland China will be the most bad mannered. Here is a re-enactment of what happened.

Mainland Chinese: EH! one. (in mandarin)
Jax: -_-" ok.

2. Japanese
Sad to say, people from one of my favourite countries are the 2nd on the chart. Or just maybe they can't speak english.

Japanese: Err... *mumble mumble* (doing a hand sign)
Jax: ._. ok.

3. Indian
They are quite mannered, but somehow I think people from India need more than that.

Indian: Hello I want a hard egg. (Indian slang)
Jax: Sorry sir i didn't get you. What hard egg?
Indian: Hard egg lah, hard egg. (Indian slang)
Jax: You mean an overeasy(which means a fully cooked fried egg), sir?
Indian: Ya lah overeasy. (Indian slang)

4. Caucasians
Somehow I think they are a polite bunch. Although not all, but most of them will do this.

Ang moh: Hi good morning.
Jax: Hi good morning sir.
Ang moh: Can I have a overeasy, please.
Jax: Here you go sir.
Ang moh: Thank you.
Jax: Welcome.

Of course, if you want people to be polite to you, first you got to be polite to people. But it seems to me that some people just doesn't change no matter how polite are you. Right! Off to the next chart.

The Demanding Ranking Chart. (With the most demanding on the top)

1. Indian
Problematic. Lots of requests, lots of changes.

Indian: Hello, I want an omelette.
Jax: Sure no problem sir.
Indian: I want cheese in my omelette.
Jax: Sure no problem sir. (adding cheese)
Indian: No onion please.
Jax: No problem sir.
Indian: More mushroom.
Jax: ZZZZ Sure sir. (adding mushroom)
When frying omelette,
Indian: Fully cooked omelette.
Jax: ZZZZZZZZZ Sure no problem asshole.

As the other people from other countries doesn't request much as the Indians, they won't be showed in this chart.

The Glutton Chart. (With the glutton on top)

1. Mainland Chinese
Well well they are top again. Most impolite and hungry. 5 normal sized chinese can finish a whole tray of tempura and 50 sticks of satay. 30 of them can finish the whole buffet counter.
I wonder if they all were possessed by hungry ghosts. Just bored when their voices are heard.

2. Indian
Hmmm more requests mean more food. Long eating stamina. Can stay in the restaurant for about 4 to 5 hours. Going round the buffet counter is their favourite pasttime in the restaurant.

3. Caucasian
Can't blame them for their appetite I guess, because of their body size and portion of food back in their home town.

4. People working in the hotel
People working in the same hotel as i do actually can dine in the restaurant for free. But leaves after eating a small plate of food. Guess they are tired of the food served in the restaurant. Can see their faces everyday though.

That sums up the topic for today.