Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thanks to all sales personnel!

One nice Wednesday, 7th of September, Jax went to Bukit Batok West Mall's Harvey Norman to buy a headphone for himself. Upon arriving, Jax was shocked by the quite big range of headphones, different brands, different types, PLUS the slacking sales assistants at the cashier, the company phone and the display beds. Stepping in front of the headphones, i saw my dream headphones hanging at the display. After browsing for a while, Jax spotted another headphones that falls into his category of "dream headphones". Comparing both of them by looking, Jax still can't make up his mind as the words behind the packaging are all Japanese, so he decided to ask the sales assistant about the product that he is going to buy.

Jax grabbed a sales person and ask,

Jax: Hi there... May i ask but is there any difference between these two headphones?
Sales guy: Erm..

Then he ask the lady behind the cashier counter,

Sales guy: Eh you know any difference between these headphones?
Sales lady: Erm... (pauses), difference in price loh.

At that moment, Jax really felt like smacking the cashier table, but as you all know, Jax is cultured and well mannered, so he controlled.

Jax: How about other than that? Damn it.
Sales guy: Erm usually the difference between headphones are just the colours and their brand.

This angered the poor little Jax, who was just asking the difference, even more.

Jax: Ok thanks. And fuck off asshole.
Sales guy: No problem.

Since the sales guy is so polite to Jax's request, he decided to let the sales guy off. Jax wanted to compare awhile more before he makes the decision. Jax had made up his mind, buying the Sony headphones. Just turning to the cashier wanting to pay for it, a bald sales guy who is talking on the company phone, grab the headphones from Jax, shocking him.

Bald sales guy still on the phone: You want to buy har?
Jax still shocked: Ah...

Before Jax can say anything more, the bald guy gave the headphones to the cashier lady.

Bald sales guy talking on the phone: Eh call u back ah. Got business liao.
Bald sales guy talking to Jax: Ah boy pay by cash har?
Jax: Can i pay by NETS?
Bald sales guy: Yeah why not.

Jax is usually careful about the things he buy so he won't get cheated by the cruel world.

Jax: So i can return this stuff if it's faulty?
Bald sales guy: Ya can. But if only one side of the headphones cannot work then can change.
Jax: Huh?!
Bald sales guy: Ya if other problem then cannot change. And if you want to change must within a few days come back and change. I think its three days.
Jax: Oh you think its three days ah. Ok then.

Jax walked out of Harvey Norman, telling himself not to buy anythings from there ever again. Jax is so disappointed by the service the sales personnels provided. Let him use this chance to say something to all sales personnels in Singapore. Your bosses did not employ you all to slack, chat on the phone and rest on the display beds. At least, and i say at least, use those free time to know more about the products your bloody shop is selling, and refrain from saying stupid stuff like "difference in price loh" to your customer. Thank you.


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