Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Hey, he looks innocent. Let's cheat him."

Yesterday afternoon, Jax was planning to go back home for a good rest after a hard day's work at the base. After parking his beloved Honda Phantom, Jax made his way down the multi-storey carpark. Just when Jax is crossing the road, a dark blue van zoomed past and stopped in front of him. The driver of the van gave Jax with a "scam target found" look. Then he said in mandarin with malaysian accent.

Driver: Hey, brother! You interested in a home theater system? We had an extra set and we are giving it away!

At this time, the innocent looking Jax thought to himself, "do i look like an old man who seems cheatable?"

Come lah! Let's chat for awhile.

The driver parked the van at the roadside. Then a "scam partner" of his came out of the van.

Scam partner:
Come brother! What's your name?
Jax. (Saying in an uninterested tone)
Scam partner:
Eh, brother! Why you sound so sian?
Cos I don't want to hear you crap.
Scam partner:
Huh? Didn't catch what you were saying. Anyway, I want to talk to you about the extra home theater system we have here.
Ok. (Unwillingly)
Scam partner:
Actually ah, we are here to deliver the system. Then the supplier gave us an extra sound system. So we thought we might be able to sell it for some coffee or beer money you see.
Oh.. Trying to scam people to buy lah.
Scam partner:
What? Anyway let me show you how it look like.

The scam partner took out a picture from the front seat. The picture consist of the home theater system, and its price which cost $2999. And it was from an unknown brand. The whole picture gives Jax a "ready to cheat anywhere" feeling.

Scam partner: See? We are selling it at a price of $2999. And its from a famous brand in Italy. But since we got an extra and if we send it back to the supplier, he will just take it home. So we thought that we should sell it cheap so it is a win-win situation for both of us.
Hmmm.. So how much are you selling it?
Scam partner:
As i said just now, we just want some beer money. So how much can you pay?

Jax, who did not bring much cash on him, said,

I don't have much money on me leh.
Scam partner:
Never mind! Just give us any amount so we can share the cash.
I got time anyway, so let's play. How about $10?
Scam partner:
Huh? Abit more can?
$15? Arbo $20 lah.
cam partner: So little ah? Then never mind lah. We will sell it to other people.

st when they were going to take off, Jax saw a police patrol car coming his way.

Hey, wait. I saw my friend. Arbo I lend money from him 1st.

A sudden flash of light shone on the scam partner's face. The brightest smile showed on his face.

Wait awhile ah.

Jax waved for the police patrol car to stop. But when Jax turned and wanted to walk over to the van, it was gone.

This lesson is for all to learn. Don't think that everyday is like a Sunday, so easy can tio 4D or TOTO. Don't fall into traps like the above mentioned or like the "magic stone which can cure all illnesses" trick. And to the scammers, stop scamming old people's pension or "coffin fee", or even young and innocent looking Jax and other people who look like easy targets. The following link shows that Jax isn't the only target for cheating!


Blogger himeko said...

=D INTERESTING~ i read so many times also won't bored!!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Arkmoon said...

u should add a tag board !

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Ulema said...

People should read this.

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