Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Interview of the Party boy

As we know, today is Miss Cindy's birthday. Last night, lots of Cindy's friends gathered at East Coast Park BBQ pit number 25 to celebrate this happy moment. All of them enjoyed the night barbecueing, listening to songs, playing cards and drinking booze and ale. But just right after they sang a birthday song to Cindy, one of the guys got too over-excited and drank a little more than usual. After a series of "not walking straight", he decided that he would do push-ups to clear off the alcohol content in his blood. It started fine, but after abt 40 push-ups, he collapsed face down onto the sandy ground, stood up not long after, sat on a chair, and lie down on the stone table. In his deep sleep, he did alot of funny actions that he prefer not to disclose. 6am in the morning, everyone was leaving, so he had no choice but to get up from his beauty sleep. At last after lots of trouble, he managed to get home. Mr Richard Choy interviews.


Hi Mulianny.
Mulianny: Hi.
Richard: As we know, you are the drunk party boy's "da jie". so what do you think about his behavior during the whole of the party?
Mulianny: Oh when i first saw him at the BBQ pit, i thought he was already drunk. He was hugging guys naked and laughing to himself. But he was real drunk after 12am, when we were about to go play pool and billard.
Richard: I see. Well thanks for your time Ms Mulianny.


Hi Sir Jeremy, can i take a few mins of your time for interviewing?
Jeremy: Yes please.
Richard: So what really happened yesterday?
Jeremy: I have no idea. When i saw him yesterday, he was fine. But after a soccer match with the guys and the birthday song, then i realised that he was totally knocked out lying on the table.
Richard: Is that it?
Jeremy: Yeah. We went off quite early.
Richard: We?
Jeremy: Oh I mean I went off quite early.
Sir Jeremy gives a cheeky smile and face turns red.
Richard: Hmmm OK thanks alot.
Jeremy: No problem.


Hi Happy Birthday to you Cindy.
Cindy: Thank you.
Richard: So birthday girl, how come you went home so early last night or rather this morning?
Cindy: Oh because we were tired.
Richard: We?
Cindy: Opps. I'm tired yesterday.
Cindy's face turns red and ran away.
Richard: Hee Hee~~


Yo Weiming aka Party boy.
Weiming: WTF you wan from me? Go away asshole.
Richard: Just a few question before i leave.
Weiming: What?
Richard: Did you know that you had just make a fool out of yourself?
Weiming: What fool? What myself?
Richard: I think you are still drunk.
Weiming laughs and hug Richard, giving him a kiss.
Richard: Argh!! Shit you!!


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