Monday, July 04, 2005

Public transports

As we know almost 3/4 of Singapore's residents take public transports when travelling. Public transport companies are already making millions per year, still they kept increasing the buses' and MRT's fare. Jax and friends passed by a bus stop at Orchard Road just yesterday and saw a poster indicating a fare increase. While we were looking and discussing about the fares and the statement "Donations to the Public Transports Fund", an man walked passed and spat on the ground.


Damn it the fare is going up again.
Jax's friend, Dion: Woah Bro, careful on my Gucci shoe.
Dion looked up.
Dion: Woah ghos...
Dion fainted.

Man: Hey sorry about that. Just came from cosplaying at Orchard Road.
Being a friendly and sociable person, I introduced myself.
Jax: Hi I'm Jax and you are?
Man: Damn I arrived at Singapore last year, and this is the second time they are increasing the bus fare. I'm not taking any public transport anymore. Not in this life!
Jax and friends turned looking at a bus as it slowed down and stopped at the bus stop.
I'm off.
The man ran into the bus.

So as we can see now, people are opposing the idea of increasing transport fares but nobody is doing anything about it. As a public transport taker, me too disagree with the increase of the fare.


We know that people have been complaining, but the increase is a must. We had been considering should we cancel the sudden increase. No way! You all might think we are greedy, but the truth is, we are not making any profits at all. Or rather the profits ain't enough. So we will bring up 7cents from the usual 63cents, with the effect of 1st July. Do not worry people, we have introduce the "Public Transport Fund". For ourselves of course. We are contributing the fund to the needy.


James Junior: Aiya. What you want me to say? No matter what I say, they oso won't change anything mah. Anyway, I had prepared myself by buying this!


Haha! Great right? Now I can save LOTS of bus fare by driving. Haha! Slowly wait for bus lah. What if I have a accident? Fuck you. My driving very good one ok. Don't kua sway me hor.
James turns, enters his nice Evo9 and drove off. A moment after that, we heard screeching of tyres and a loud BANG.


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