Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rich Singapore

Sometimes i feel that some Singaporeans are just too rich. Studying to become a chef, of course i work in a kitchen environment. And working in the kitchen, i hear many weird orders such as this:

Server: New orderrr! One Char Siew Ramen everything don't want! Only want Char Siew!

Then the kitchen staffs and I will look at the server.

Kitchen Staff: Then only want Char Siew no ramen no soup no nothing arh!?
Server: Wait i go ask.
After a while,
Server: Ya only want Char Siew.
Kitchen Staff: Ok then charge the same price as the Char Siew ramen.
Kitchen Staff: Wah another rich guy. Never mind save our job.

It's true. Almost 1/5 of our orders are like that. Why don't they give the things they don't eat to their family who does? Maybe they are eating alone. Let us see another example:

Server: Eh, the family wants to pack this for their maid.

The kitchen staffs and I look at the leftovers. Only a piece of "tori kaarage" and few little pieces of garnishes are left.

I packed the stuff and hand over to the server.

Talking about rich. I guess some Singaporeans are really rich. And selfish.


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